This page is designed to support a session for Principals held at the VITTA Conference on November 24th, 2008.

If the questions, “What is a Wiki?’" or “Why would I want to make a Wiki?" have come to your mind, then this is the session for you! ‘Wiki’ is Hawaiian and it means ‘quick’. Wikis are web sites that are quick to make, that everyone can edit and best of all they are FREE for education.

During this online session we will talk about how,
• wikis can be used in many curriculum areas
• they are great for faculty/department sharing and collaboration
• for digital portfolios
• for school community communication

We will look at some examples of wikis created by both students and teachers and talk about some of the solutions to common issues you may come across when making your own wikis. This session will leave you eager to get started on your own wiki.
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Wikis can be used in a variety of ways:
As e-portfolios:
Victoria eFolio

As a school communication space:

To Support Curriculum Areas:
Subject Based - ****
Whiteboard Challenge - ****
IWB Learning Community - ****
Coole Tools for Schools - ****