The Ultranet is scheduled to be released to all Victorian government schools during 2009 and 2010. The core role of the Ultranet Team will be to assist schools with Ultranet-readiness throughout 2008.

The WMR Ultranet Team brings together a team of leading teachers with diverse knowledge, skills and experiences in eLearning across all sectors of education. The team members are Linda Blaschka, Rob Crupi, Kevin Daly, Alf Galea, Deb Hicks and Helen Otway.
Stage 1 of the regional Ultranet-readiness strategy will occur during Term 1 and will involve the Ultranet team contacting schools to arrange an initial visit with the principal, the eLearning coordinator, and the professional learning leader who will become the school's Ultranet-Readiness Team. The initial visit will assess the school’s Ultranet-readiness and plan the next steps as part of a longer term Ultranet change management strategy for the school. As part of the strategy, all schools will be required to complete the ePotential ICT capabilities survey during 2008, which will generate data for ongoing planning and professional development for the successful implementation of Ultranet. Throughout this process, the Ultranet Team will offer schools differentiated assistance with planning and professional development.
Enquiries regarding the Ultranet initiative may be directed to the Ultranet Team on 9372 5391. The attached proforma should be completed and returned by email by Friday, 22 February.

Ultranet School Based Readiness Team Form (Emailed to Principals Feb 2008)

WMR Ultranet Strategy ppt