The Ultranet will be deployed to all Victorian Government schools in 2010 commencing in May. It is important to ensure that your school is ready for this, both with your infrastructure and your staff.
Ultranet School Readiness site - ****

Below is an updated (large) presentation which shows you what ultranet will look like as well as a few other resources taken from the above edugate site.

Getting Ready
The top five things a school can do now to prepare

  • Understand the benefits of the Ultranet
  • Make links with Annual Implementation Planning
  • Review to ensure the school ICT infrastructure is robust
  • Ensure CASES21 data is ready for the Ultranet
  • Put deployment plans in place
What else needs to be considered

  • Leadership: Principal and other members of the leadership team are confident to lead Ultranet implementation
  • Infrastructure: School infrastructure is robust and technical support is available
  • Data/Content: (doc - 923KB) Data and content is ready for the Ultranet
  • Workforce Capabilities: Teachers are confident and capable in using and integrating ICT to support student learning
  • Learning and Teaching: Teachers are confident to use ICT to plan, deliver and assess curriculum online
  • Students: Students are prepared to begin working in the Ultranet
Now we have the Ultranet…

  • Workforce Capabilities: Teachers are building confidence and capabilities in using the Ultranet to support student learning
  • Students: Students are ready to begin working in the Ultranet
  • Community: The school is preparing its community to receive the Ultranet