PD Strategies

Participants in WMR professional learning sessions have identified these strategies as some that have proven successful in introducing eLearning activities and online resources to their staff. Please feel free to share your strategies here.

  • Informal chat with staff members about the great interactives found at the Ed Channel web site, particularly Copacabana.
  • Put resource links on the school's DocuShare.
  • Load Digilearn objects onto the school's Intranet with a 'new' link on the front page
  • Run PD sessions with whole staff and set up a wiki for staff to share resources.
  • Have a regular "Techie Breaky" for interested staff and share new software and resources over coffee and croissants.
  • Have regular "ICT Bursts" at staff meetings, no longer that 20 minutes, to share quality eLearning resources.
  • Direct people to new web sites by putting them in your signature block and regularly changing them.
  • Change the school's meeting structure to recognise that we can't keep adding on new initiatives....something has to go! Information dissemination can be done through email and Intranet, keeping staff meetings down to twice a term. Team meetings have a teaching and learning focus where eLearning is embedded pratice, rather than a domain focus that views ICT as an add-on.
  • Ask students to create photostories, powerpoints, etc about new technologies and present them to teachers at staff or department meetings.
  • Seek out ICT supporters/early adopters in your school and work with them to spread the expertise.
  • Talk with people informally during break times about good links/programs/ideas, etc.