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Google Literacy Project -

A resource for teachers, literacy organizations and anyone interested in reading and education, created in collaboration with LitCam, Google, and UNESCO’s Institute for Lifelong Learning.

Preparing students for the 21st Century in Literacy- great resource that maps literacy skills with 21st Century technologies:
external image pdf.png 21st_century_skills_english_map.pdf

Have a look at some great eBooks and electronic resources

See some great resources here:

online visual dictionary:
Online dictionary & Thesaurus with a twist
Visuwords™ online graphical dictionary — Look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts. Produce diagrams reminiscent of a neural net. Learn how words associate.

Reading Comprehension using technology- ten quick resources:
external image x-zip.png Reading Comprehension & Technology-1.pptx




Predicting/Using prior knowledge
online mindmapping:

Online images,
Online webcams,
Interactive websites,
images stored online:
eg. flickr,
3D images
Thinking Aloud
Voice recording,
blogs more blogs more Blogs Examples of educational Blogs
Using Text Structures and Features
Digital genres: eBooks, online articles, Wikipedia,
Focussed software
Interactive whiteboards:
-(interactive activities)
- Interactive Whiteboard resources
- Interactive Whiteboard Learning Community
Graphic organizers-
compare /contrast, cause & effect,
problem/solution, sequencing…
Communicate directly with
author- through twitter, blogs, wiki, email.
Peer discussion through above…
Visualising/using graphic organisers
Inspiration, Webspiration,,
online mindmapping
Review/present talk through:
video, podcast, photostory…
Interactive devices eg IWB, iPod…
‘Word’ eg using highlighters

Deb's Place Wiki:
Lots of additional resources for Literacy & eLearning
Literacy focused resources including:
  • Professional Reading / Listening / Viewing
  • Literacy Web Sites and Resources
  • Literacy Web Applications [Web 2.0]
  • Using Audio and Video effectively in Literacy