Re@ct is only available for Moonee Valley Schools in 2009. This year it has a Mathematics focus and is titled "Re@cting 2 Maths". At a recent Intel training course I developed a unit plan for film making set in this maths focus. It includes the relevant VELS outcomes at levels 4, 5 & 6 for this project.

REMEMBER - A good film is a simple idea done well!
CRITICAL DATES - All teacher to attend online Elluminate session to give verbal update on project at school - this will include story ideas and where your student are up to with storyboards and scripts - Jun 18th at 3.45pm - link and login information to be circulated prior to the event
Film dates in schools - July & August - see below and enter your school name beside a date (you will need to log on to the wiki to edit the page) and ensure that your students have done requested learning objects
Online sessions - editing for teachers and students - have some footage to edit - August 31st and Sept 1st
Completed films due to Drift Media - September 21st (Jill to do a collection from schools on Sept. 16th)
Screening - November 4th at VU Convention Centre Auditorium, 460 Ballarat Rd, Sunshine 3020 commencing at 7pm

Post Production Resources

Presentations from the elluminate sessions

This session was recorded. To view the recording, please click the link below:

This session was recorded. To view the recording, please click the link below:

Demo Movie: Cut on the Move

Prior to us coming out, we’d expect that the kids have done the following Learning Objects

Digilearn and student access – if you go to the digilearn site (you’ll need to login) and search for the objects mentioned on the wiki you will be able to open them up and then obtain the student link – when at school this shouldn’t require any teacher login details

Lights Camera Action: Assessment- L8471

Mark Hennessy's Maths & Spatial Awareness resources - for creative young film-makers

PowerPoint Resource for seminar / workshop Sample Story-board

Useful Maths and visual thinking sites

Problem Pictures UK
Mathematical Imagery - Hosted by the American Mathematical Society
Escher - Symmetry
History of Mathematics on Wikipedia
Yahoo Kids reference to Famous Mathematicians
When you are teaching the appropriate topic, take a minute to tell your pupils an anecdote about one of the famous mathematicians who contributed to this particular field of mathematics. It is important for pupils to be aware of the 'human' side of these famous people. "Using biographies of mathematicians can successfully bring the human story into the mathematics class. What struggles have these people undergone to be able to study mathematics?..." (Voolich, 1993, p.16)
Visual Mathematics Learning - some excellent ideas for creating movies to simulate mathematical concepts and processes
Cool Tools for Schools - Web2.0 Video Tools
Mathematics in Movies
Some sample maths movies for teaching / modelling maths concepts and content
More sample movies on a mathematical theme:
School Wax TV
Educator approved videos so everyone can learn in a safe and comfortable environment. The perfect resource for students who are working on their homework or just need a little extra help on any given subject. Teachers can use the animations and videos to capture their students’ attention and enrich classroom lessons.
Maths Chants and raps can be integrated into movies to enhance the learning / teaching quality of video footage
Sample mathematics visual stimulus movies produced by Mark
Patterns movie sampler (navigate via hyperlinked words on key clips)

Maths in Architecture movie sampler

Contact Mark:

WMR LOTE Film Festival

will be held on October 20th with film due to Christine Bozin on September 4th. Below is the PowerPoint presentation used on the training day. Thanks to Michael Green from Drift Media for this resource (adapted by Jill Reading for use on the PD day)

Film Making Resources