The resources on this page are from a program run in 2008. Headings for various elements of the program have been retained to assist you in finding information.

Online Learning Environments

What is an online learning environment? What are some schools using? This session will show some environemtns used by schools in WMR and some used in other regions and systems. In the Sunraysia Mallee School Network Moodle is used for teaching collaboration as well as online curriculum.
Western Australia has also developed an Online teaching and Learning System
What are the implications for our use of Ultranet from the models we have seen?
Write down some of the features you would like to see as necessary in your school online learning environment.
Program Evaluation:
What changes have you (as a coordinator) brought about in your school this semester?
What specific elements of the program have you taken back to your school?
What are you doing to demonstrate that your school's investment in this program has been beneficial?

21st Century Learning Environments

Social Bookmarking Presentations - adapted from presentations taken from
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See the ICT & Assessment section for some resources and Readings
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Assessment FOR presentation:
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Table group Assessment Mind Maps:
external image pdf.png Assessment FOR Learning.pdf
external image pdf.png Assessment+for+Learning.pdf
external image pdf.png Assessment_for_Learning_-_ICT.pdf

Helen's activity - Fill in the proforma - Think about the assessment strategies identified in the ePotential resource and add any ideas or possibilities that come to mind.

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Use this document for the progression point activity

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ICT for Creating.doc

Survey Monkey
Online Surveys
Online brainstorming tool
Using clickers
Student blog
Class blog


Professional readings
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How People Learn.doc
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Investing in Technology.pdf
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See the digital portfolios section of this wiki for the presentation used and some readings

eLearning Planning

See the resources section for links to the DEECD eLearning Planning pages - the resources section also has the documents that we'll be using today.
external image eLearning Planning Presentation WMR.ppt external image epotential data and reporting Kevin ppt.ppt external image epotential-analysis-tool.xls

MCEETYA Documennts can be found at -,11582.html#Information%20and%20communications%20technologies Download and read the Leadership Strategy for a leadership discussion at your school before Session 3.

General Information

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Some Resources:
eLearning and ICT Resources
eLearning Planning Guide for Schools (Draft) We will be using the first 2 documents from this site in sessions 2 and 3.
For Secondary Schools
The Digital Education Revolution is a major part of the Australian Government Education Revolution. The aim of the program is to contribute sustainable and meaningful change to teaching and learning in Australian schools that will prepare students for further education, training, jobs of the future and to live and work in a digital world. The Australian Government is committing new funding of $1 billion over four years.

Presentations from the sessions on eLearning Planning & ePotential
external image eLearning Planning.pptexternal image epotential data and elearning plans.ppt

To begin our first coordinator training session, we listed the areas we most wanted to learn more about during the 5 days of training and our greatest challenges to improving eLearning in our schools. Click here to see our list of desired outcomes, what we want to learn? and here to see our greatest challenges/blockers to eLearning change in our schools.

Ultranet Presentation: external image WMR+Ultranet.ppt

For Session 2 on August 22nd - bring any ePotential data. If your staff have not done ePotential try to get it done before then. Bring your school's eLearning plan (no matter how old) and use the following sheet to gather data about ICT in Teaching & Learning programs across your school
external image msword.png ICT within Teaching and Learning Programsv2.doc

Between session task - find a resource within ePotential and use with students or staff - be prepared to have a discussion on the resource and it's use at the next session.

Go to the discussion section linked from this page to talk about strategies you have used to coach staff to use ICT and move their ICT use forward